¿Que quiere decir?

¿Que quiere decir?

If you want to ask “What does that mean?” in Spanish, the phrase is “¿Que quiere decir?” I always liked that. Literally, it translates to “What does that want to say?”

This little blog is nearing its fifth birthday, and I’m thinking it’s done serving its original purpose. It’s been a good thing for me, and for Transrio, a place to experiment and learn. I’ve allowed myself to post about almost anything at all, as long as I thought it was interesting, and at least obliquely related to the business. Today, I feel like pausing, looking back at the last five years and asking, ¿Que quiere decir? I did 50 posts, giving them freedom to go almost anywhere. What did they want to say?

I started writing in 2007, and worked along pretty good through 2008, doing 19 posts. I finished all of the static informational pages explaining Transrio. I also populated an informal résumé, with links to articles about Great Harvest. By the end of that year I had a pretty good little blog up, something I could point to (more…)

Farm Progress tour

Farm Progress tour; Drawing of a corn stalk

I just returned from a really good trip, one that I’ve been dreaming about for the last two years. I flew into Chicago, and there joined a group of 108 Argentine agriculturalists; they were mostly farmers, plus some agribusiness and research people. The group loaded itself into two buses, and for the next nine days we visited a cross-section of US producers, factories, research projects and Ag schools across the heart of the Corn Belt. The focus was mostly on corn and soybeans, covering lots of the current advances from GPS-guided planting to biofuels. This is the 22nd year they have run the tour, which is timed to coincide with the giant Farm Progress Show held every August in Boone, Iowa.

The trip is an expensive commitment for all of the attendees, and most of them pay from their own pocket. So it was a hard-working bunch, serious about learning – for me, the schedule was intense. I really liked being the only US attendee (more…)