Things that Just Work

Handwritten drawing: Things that just work

The world is made up of things that work, mixed together with things that don’t work. The busted and dysfunctional, tripping against beauty and perfection. The yin and the yang as it were. It’s human nature to think that things should work all the time. We get bummed, when they don’t. Oddly, we do this day in, day out, like it’s an everyday predictable recurring surprise. Since we are designed by nature to be problem-solving animals, it’s hard not to transfixate on the broken.

I think happy people train themselves, by hard work, to continually notice the many little things that are actually working. It’s incredible, if you look around, how many things, on any given day, really work well.

But this post is not about the singing birds. It’s about computer stuff. My daughter Sally and I were talking about this, how some things are just so easy to use, and it’s hard to appreciate the achievement behind that surface simplicity, the sophistication that must be going on in the background. So this is an Ode to Things that Work:

OneNote & Evernote. First on my list. Unless I’m walking through a swamp someplace, (more…)