Packing Light: My Travels with a Cloud Drive

Packing Light: Travels with Cloud Drive

If you love your gadgets — and I think we all love, and hate, our gadgets — you may recognize that feeling of bliss, so rare, when all of your gadgets are working. I had one of those moments, oddly enough, passing through security and customs back into the United States. I set my shoes in the tray, pushed my roll-aboard and daypack onto the belt, and… they stopped me. "Sir, do you have a computer?" No… "A cell phone?" No…

Just in that moment, I felt that little wave of bliss. A successful three-week trip, partly business, and all of my gadgets were working — in fact even better, I had no gadgets, to NOT work.

On the cell phone, I cheated — Natalia gave me one to use while in Córdoba. On the computer, though, I was trying something new, and I have to say the reviews are in. I have proof-of-concept now, and it’s great.

Some background. On any trip, of any length, no matter who you are, (more…)

Córdoba trip

Córdoba trip

Laura & I are back after a quick trip to Córdoba. It was mostly just a fun vacation; Laura stayed two weeks, I stayed three. The first week we learned the city and took Spanish classes; the second week we went to the mountains for hiking. The third week I was by myself, and worked a little on Transrio. Nothing big, but I was proud of myself. I had ten meetings in four days, all in Spanish of course. This was more a credit to the natural easiness of Córdobese folk, than to any ability I might have with the language. Still, it was a lift to my confidence.

I narrowed down my focus for Transrio to franchising, and agriculture. Franchising for obvious reasons, and agriculture because it’s all-pervasive in Argentina, especially in the province of Córdoba, and has such strong parallels to the United States. Agriculture was my original love before Great Harvest. I met with people in both businesses, franchising and agriculture. It was quite encouraging, and now I need to keep working, and do the follow-up.

Looking back on the trip, it seemed quite ordinary — Córdoba is a very comfortable city as cities go, easy to feel at home in (no small credit to Natalia) and the three weeks went quickly. It seems surprising now that actually this was the first time we’ve been able to meet Natalia in person. She and I have been working together on little projects for years. And it was also our first time ever in Córdoba itself, even though that’s been the official physical address and phone number for Transrio, for years. So overall, a great trip, worth every penny of the plane ticket. 90% vacation, but the little bit that I counted toward work was really, really worth it. I learned a ton every day I was there, and I feel energized now with lots of new ideas.

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