Knowledge Management at Great Harvest…

Today I’m celebrating! I finally finished the last of my writing projects in English, which means this blog-en-ingles is at a nice pausing point and I’m ready to move into Spanish. I’ll continue to post progress notes here, but I’m done with real composition for the time being.

Please check out my latest effort if you get a chance. I spent some quality time revising and polishing an essay I wrote in 2004 which explains how knowledge management worked at Great Harvest. Thanks especially to my daughter Sally for her careful writing suggestions; I incorporated most of her edits. I also brought the essay up to date, and sprinkled in links to supporting materials where appropriate.

Originally the essay was written to be a chapter in a book about knowledge management. But it’s still valuable to me because it stands as my clearest and most concise description of Great Harvest, how it really worked, and why it was special. The company still deserves to be interesting to other business people today, especially to other franchisors:

 Anything is Allowed

I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll translate it into Spanish; for now it’s just background to my resume, a nice sample of how I think. But it feels good to be at this stopping place. Now I can rob text wholesale from the rest of the blog, get it over to a translator, and start building a formal homepage at… (please don’t look at what’s there now!).

So without further ado, for your reading pleasure: