Business and the IDC

Over the past few days I got distracted from my primary goal of getting the website up, and I collected some of my thoughts, links, and other materials related to development economics. If you share my interest in the subject, please take a peek: Pete’s Development Corner. Anyone familiar with my thinking will know just what to expect — a pro-business take on poverty issues, and a quick tour of the International Development Community (IDC) from the business side of things.

I’m trying to figure out why this seemed to be a necessary sidetrip. It’s unrelated to Transrio, but then again, not completely. My original ideas for Transrio sprouted up out of a mishmash of post-Great Harvest explorations, including living in Bolivia and attending a big IDC convention. It feels personally necessary now to gather this stuff up, put it in one place, and basically forget about it so I can roll full-bore towards opening shop.

I continue, of course, to have a personal side-interest in development economics. But nothing I posted in the “Development Corner” will merit translation to the Spanish website. Having made this little collection, I’m quite pleased with it, and happy to be done with it. If you do take the time to go there, I hope you like it.

FAQ: Motivation

Today I added this to the FAQ page:

What’s your motivation?

I’m excited to be starting up Transrio for two reasons, each separate and distinct:

It’s what I really, really want to be doing. I love every aspect of it — the opportunity to be working with other smart business people, the challenges (for me) of transacting business across borders and in Spanish, the steep learning curve. Already I’m making connections in Argentina, learning web design, assembling translation tools, studying online payment options, reading about interesting companies. It’s 100% stuff that pulls me along, and (more…)

Franchising in Argentina

Natalia wrote me a quick e-mail encouraging me to look into potential opportunities in franchising, there’s a lot of activity right now in Argentina. This is premature of course — I need my website first — but today I digressed for a quick side trip to read up on the subject. When Transrio finally gets rolling I won’t be surprised if there’s some kind of franchising connection.

Below I reproduce our little conversation; included are some links to franchise organizations in Argentina. (more…)