FAQ: why Argentina?

I’m gradually cranking through these FAQs. Here’s the latest:

Why Argentina?

I hope to have this job for the next 20 years. I knew at the start that I would need to specialize in one country, because Transrio is small, and has to keep its focus. The countries I know best are the United States, Bolivia, Mexico, and Argentina. Of the three Latin American countries Argentina has by far the best feeling for me overall, based on what I’m hoping to do with Transrio.

I love Bolivia, but establishing a business there right now feels like fighting somebody else’s battle. I love Mexico, and it would be almost the opposite of Bolivia — very easy to do business there. It’s cheap to get to, and as a country it’s officially Open for Business. But it feels to me like there is so much happening cross-border with the United States that Transrio would maybe get drowned out in the confusion. Mexican business people already know how to get what they need from the United States. I’m thinking Transrio wouldn’t have as many opportunities to be uniquely useful.

Argentina, on the other hand, is a whole different case. It (more…)

SuperMemo, 3 months later

Back in June I mentioned a new piece of software I was trying out. It’s turned out to be something I use every day; in fact I realize now that I’ve been subliminally looking for it for years. I hesitate to recommend it outright, it would depend a lot on your own style and needs.

What it has done for me is allow me to contain and corral all general-interest reading such as magazines. I like relaxing with a good article about something that’s truly interesting, but it needs to be on my terms; I hate that feeling of getting stuck in a magazine, or spending more time than I wanted, reading online. With SuperMemo, anything really cool that I stumble across gets clipped, saved, and then seems to crop up magically at just the right time. There’s never any feeling of being hurried, it’s like the “magazine pile” is all under the surface, out of view, and clutter-free. If I see a sentence, paragraph, or quote that “rings” for me, I absentmindedly highlight it with my pen, and it comes back around as a snippet later when I least expect it. The end result is a feeling that my reading material has doubled in quality. It’s all stuff I’ve chosen personally, with the highest priority or highest interestingness always coming up to the surface.

I recently saw this great quote by Albert Einstein: “Reading, (more…)