Next FAQ: What does the GC stand for?

Today I added this to the FAQ page:

What does the GC stand for?

Transrio GC is the formal name of the business. GC is Spanish for KM, which is short for Knowledge Management, or Gestion de Conocimiento.

Neither KM nor GC are part of daily business vocabulary, in fact many good business people don’t even know what they mean. But there are KM trade journals and big KM conventions in the United States, with smaller GC conventions in Spain and Latin America. People working in the field get together to compare notes, and vendors show up with expensive KM solutions for sale. Most true KM/GC practitioners work in very-large-enterprise settings, like multinationals or government. This is where a large population of far-flung knowledge workers need to collaborate in a messy complexity of projects, coordinating production and customer relationships, and so knowledge management turns into its own department, with its own lingo and theories.

Formal KM, the kind seen in KM magazines and conventions, doesn’t actually apply well to small-enterprise problems. In smaller businesses KM just happens. It’s either done well, or it’s done poorly, but people don’t think of it much because it’s an integral part of their work. (more…)