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Today I posted the beginnings of an FAQ page — click the link in the sidebar under “About.” I’m planning to keep chipping away on this, so stay tuned.


Transrio isn’t in the dictionary (English or Spanish) but it is easily understandable as something about crossing a river. There’s actually a story behind it.

Right after selling Great Harvest we celebrated — or rather, decompressed — by taking a really long road trip around the United States. One of our favorite parts was when we followed the US-Mexican border (more…)


In my spare time I’ve been learning an intriguing piece of software called SuperMemo. I’ve never seen anything like it; it’s strangely addicting. It was written by a fellow in Poland, he’s been working hard on this one idea for about 20 years. It’s not related to my business, but it is (obliquely) KM.

Basically it’s learning software. It automates a process he calls “incremental reading.” You import high-quality articles into SuperMemo, then as you read you highlight the best parts. SuperMemo extracts the highlighted sections, saves them, and keeps track of them by a sophisticated algorithm. They seem to disappear, but then they come back to you days or weeks later, just about the time you would normally forget them altogether. The whole idea is spaced repetition of any snippet of knowledge that you would like to retain. You can literally be reading 15 articles in parallel, simultaneously, easily changing their relative priorities depending on your interests, saving only what matters, and SuperMemo organizes it all for optimum retention. Sounds like a hyper way to read, I know… but it’s oddly enjoyable.

SuperMemo is hard to get the hang of, but I think I’m going to like it. I learned about it in Wired, here. Definitely not for everybody. But it isn’t every day that I run across something totally new. Ask me again in a few months; I’ll know by then if it’s a toy, or a real tool.


New page added, “About Transrio”

New page added, "œAbout Transrio"

Check out the latest new page if you want, it’s my current best-effort at explaining the Transrio idea. The ideas in this essay will also serve as the starting point for the all-important intro I intend to write for translation into Spanish. Here’s the text:

About Transrio

Whenever possible, it makes sense to grow a new business by beginning at the beginning — small — making little mistakes and enjoying little successes. That way you can learn along the way, building piece by piece. Transrio is starting as just me, working part time. Long-term I see potential for something a lot bigger, quite profitable, and much more interesting. But the starting point is unglamorous and ordinary. At this stage — the first five years perhaps — Transrio will (more…)