The Lamsk visits Campinas!

Today I Googled “Transrio” and was excited to see that my findability has increased to #1, out of 2000 hits. Ah, the beauty of a fictitious word! I obviously learned a good lesson, fighting all those years with the name “Great Harvest” :-)

Even better, when I clicked “Search for English results only” it dropped out all the Brazilian Transrio’s and I could see I made it onto as a minor authority in Ink Blogging. Intrigued, I clicked the “Authority” link to see why, and saw that I had been mentioned on a website called Não só mais um na multidão – clicking that, I found myself reading the long-lost blog of Leo, the fellow who a year ago had asked me for permission to borrow my Lamsk. Leo & I have only traded one e-mail, but we now have this common bond in the Lamsk. He’s 27 and lives in Campinas, Brazil.

So that was some especially fun clicking. I’m the #1 Transrio in findability, I have a potential new Brazilian friend, and my little Lamsk is enjoying a mini-vacation in Campinas.

Fresh pages added

Fresh pages added
I haven’t been posting anything because I’ve been working on the “About…” pages — click the links over on the sidebar, you’ll see I added a description of what the blog is for, as well as a short biographical of myself and some photos. Next I’m planning to do “About Transrio.”

- P