Transrio – It is what it is

Transrio – It is what it is

Originally, this blog was to be a place where I could define Transrio. Now that I’ve been working along for quite a few years, I see clearer what Transrio wishes it could be, and what it’s able to be. My personal conception of the thing has evolved. I had hoped it would gallop forward, becoming a business. I’d still really love to invent a thing that made money. Money is not the only test of whether something is worth doing of course, but it is perhaps the only test that can’t be faked. Making money while doing Transrio would make me happy. But by now it’s pretty clear; I’m not putting enough hours in, to get that to happen.

So for now, Transrio is… just Transrio. None of the likely descriptions fit – work, hobby, trabajo, job, strong personal interest, proyecto – none of these words hit on the right note. "Transrio" by itself is a pretty good word – nonexistent in either language; without much connotation, in fact, in either language. So the word, without any embellishment, fits my purposes. Transrio sits in the place of a happy motivation to think things up and try new things. I don’t tell it what I want it to be, or what we will do next. It tells me, often to my surprise. Happily, although it’s not making money, it doesn’t cost much either. And I really do enjoy the little bit of discipline that’s in it, the thinking, the planning, the keeping track of time.

Reasons for things, wreck them

I have a personal saying that’s guided me since my 20s: "Reasons for things, wreck them." That probably only makes sense to me. But what I mean is, like, you’re planning this four-day weekend, you’re all excited, and you think of some reasons why it’s a good idea (you’ll return rested, learn some new things, get some exercise; quality time with someone you love blah blah). It wrecks it. Not completely of course, but a little bit.

Just do what you want for Pete’s sake, for four days!

But the little saying, I’ve found, isn’t primarily about fun things like that. I have a complete theory about this (you don’t want to know). It applies very widely – to relationships, to work, to health – to everything you do, or want to do.

So that’s how I’m explaining Transrio now. I don’t have a reason for it. It is what it is. I don’t have something I’m calling it. It’s just Transrio.

– Pete

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