New Year’s resolution

New Year’s resolution

I never try to make a New Year’s resolution; most years I don’t have one. But this time one popped into my head fully formed. It was a bright, cold, snowy day, late December. It popped in there like a true little vision. Laura had just settled herself to work sketching a pine sapling, she was sitting on a sitzpad in deep snow by the creek. I was following elk tracks. And it came to me in full glory, exactly like this:

“My resolution for 2013 is to get significantly more fluent in Spanish, and make steady progress in Transrio. To accomplish this, I want to specifically commit to:

1) 15-30 minutes of focused pronunciation practice, first thing in the morning before anything else, minimum five days/week.

2) Six hours on my timecard before Wednesday evening, every single week. With 4 more days to the week after that, this should allow consistently reaching 8 hours/week. Along with this, a fair number of weeks over 15 hours.

3) One hour per week with an Argentine Spanish teacher, using Skype.

4) One full month in Argentina this year, and not only that, 90% of the trip away from cities.”

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Weird, for something carefully numbered to pop into one’s head. But here’s what I think was going on. After the Farm Progress trip I had high expectations, because I made a lot of friends, and came home with lots of fresh ideas. But after October… November… and December passed uneventfully, there was a quiet sag of defeat. No big deal – there’s nothing riding on this – but I had expected better. I did write one long business-related email, in Spanish, to a guy I like in Rosario. I worked a little bit on a bilingual forum idea. But I didn’t do the followup on either of these, and they never got lift-off. Any business communication I do in Spanish just seems so dang hard. It needs to be much more natural, if I’m going to make anything happen, with the limited hours I have.

So that’s what happened with the New Year’s vision. It was confronting me in a way I couldn’t ignore that…

Highly unfortunately, I need to learn Spanish!

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