… this Blog

This project is about making a website for TransRio, so I can start contacting clients and get to work. The website itself will be entirely in Spanish — which I read fairly well, but can’t write worth a dang. I can’t think in it either, I think only in English. Most of my friends, and many potential contributors to TransRio, are English-speaking. Since I’m doing the website myself with the help of a translator, I needed a play-space where I could mess around in English first without befouling the website itself.

I made this blog to be a place off-to-one-side where I can:

1) Freely make mistakes in Web design, without hurting the website.

2) Compose original content in English, prior to translation and inclusion in the website.

3) Archive source materials in English for later link-backs from the website itself.

The most common (and most upscale) way of presenting a company to a bilingual audience is of course to reproduce the website in both languages. I decided I don’t want that — I want the Transrio look and feel to be 100% Spanish, since my business will be 100% Latin American. But at the same time I don’t want the website to be actually hostile to friends and stakeholders who only speak English. My idea (I hope it works!) is to make the website clean, professional, and all-Spanish, but sprinkle it with unobtrusive little “English here” icons that people can click to jump over to the source material before translation. The source material will be written in the form of posts, sorted chronologically like any blog, not well-organized like the website itself. But the individual pages of the website, in Spanish, will have these little shortcuts back over to the English.

So this blog is a play-space for the project, as well as an archive for all Transrio content in English. The “real” Transrio will be over on the website itself, but this is a place where any of my English-speaking friends can visit and feel welcome, and even join in.